Machine Made Cigars

Shop Machine-Made Cigars at Famous Cigars

We invite you to choose from an excellent selection of premium machine-made cigars by different brands online. Shop the best cigars made by machine now and enjoy your excellent smoking experience!

What Are Machine-Made Cigars?

There are two ways you can roll a cigar: by hand or using a rolling machine. H...

Shop Machine-Made Cigars at Famous Cigars

We invite you to choose from an excellent selection of premium machine-made cigars by different brands online. Shop the best cigars made by machine now and enjoy your excellent smoking experience!

What Are Machine-Made Cigars?

There are two ways you can roll a cigar: by hand or using a rolling machine. Hand-rolled cigars look custom and special, but they often fail to deliver a consistent taste to daily smokers. That’s why many cigar smokers give preference to machine-made cigars, which we’re happy to offer you at Famous Cigars shop online.

Machine-made cigars deliver high scores when it comes to their shape, reliability, taste and, most importantly, smoker’s satisfaction. That’s why machine-made cigars are a perfect everyday go-to smoke as they are consistent both in taste and construction.

Machine-Made Cigars Advantages

There are several advantages to buying machine-made cigars online and smoking them. For example:

  • Cigars made by machine are cheaper than handmade ones with no quality and satisfaction losses.
  • They create a richer experience with many flavors available to every smoker.
  • The variety of machine-made cigars online is wider than for handmade options. So, you’ll surely find the cigars you love.

Shop Machine-Made Cigars Online With Us

After a busy day at the office, one of the most enjoyable ways to sit back and relax is smoking a quality cigar. At Famous Cigars shop, we offer you different types of cigars by 15+ well-established cigar producers from all over the world. 

The machine-made cigars we offer you here are all made with first-rate tobacco and rolled using the latest equipment. This turns your cigar into a long-lasting escape from everything that doesn’t make you happy!

With the rich selection of cigars available, we cater you with the best tobacco products from the USA, Brazil, Indonesia, Dominican Republic, Java, and other countries. 

Find your favorite cigars among our selection of best machine-made cigars online! Enjoy your shopping!


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  • Backwoods Cigars

    Buy Backwoods Smokes at Famous Cigars Shop

    Travel to the Old West with a box of rustic-looking quality Backwoods Cigars! Backwoods Smokes create a good company for every man, pairing well with your favorite craft beer, coffee, and strong spirits. Blackwoods products are made with 100% natural tobacco and full-flavored with the infusions of your choice. Buy the original or flavored Backwoods Smokes from Famous Cigars with free shipping! Order Blackwoods online today at the best price!

    About Backwoods Smokes

    Backwoods are some of the most popular machine-made cigars on the market. They are produced since 1973 in the United States. Backwoods Smokes offer you an enticing tobacco blend with sweet and satisfying aromas. Backwood cigars are known as a perfect natural companion for any outdoor activity. In comparison to other traditional cigars, they taste milder and richer with the natural tobacco flavor from the Connecticut Broadleaf wrapper.

    Backwoods smokes are available with a number of honey-based flavors that add the sweetness that makes your cigars perfect. Backwoods flavors include Honey, Russian Cream, Honey Berry, Dark Stout, Honey Bourbon, etc. Blackwoods flavors are created using natural ingredients during the process of tobacco aging. So, give a try to different flavors to find your favorite box of Backwoods Smokes!

    Order Backwoods Online With Us

    At Famous Cigars shop, we’re happy to offer you the best tobacco products across the United States! We’re proud to sell you premium-quality Backwoods cigars to treat your buds to best tobacco taste and flavor. We take care of delivering Backwoods smokes to your door free and in the best condition. So, don’t waste your time and experience smoking best American tobacco with natural Backwoods flavors.

    All smokers of rustic-looking Backwoods smokes are rewarded with the wild & mild taste of premium tobacco and pleasing sweet flavors that make your smoking experience unforgettable. Enjoy your Backwoods smokes today!

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    Enjoy a wide selection of Blackstone cigars at Famous Cigars e-store! We recommend the most popular Blackstone tobacco products at the most beneficial price!

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  • Dutch Masters...

    Buy Dutch Masters Cigars Online

    Prepare yourself for a long leisure session with Dutch Masters cigarillos. Buy Dutch Masters cigars and enjoy the best Carribean tobacco with the rich natural flavors from all over the world!

    About Dutch Masters Cigars

    Quench your cravings for a quality smoke with Dutch Masters cigarillos! Dutch Masters offer you best machine-made cigars and cigarillos, infused with hand-picked flavors since 1912. Manufactured and distributed by Altadis USA Inc., Dutch Masters cigars deliver you a consistent and highly pleasing smoking experience.

    Dutch Masters combines premium Cuban-seed tobacco with best natural flavors available. There are more than 10 Dutch Masters flavors available at our e-shop. These include the flavors of chocolate, vanilla, rum, berries, crema dolce, cognac, honey, grapes, Irish whiskey, etc. All cigars are wrapped with an all-natural wrapper made of processed tobacco leaves.

    Dutch Masters High-quality Tobacco

    The tobacco leaves inside Dutch Masters cigars come from the Carribean region. What’s more, the tobacco strains inside Dutch Masters cigarillos originate from the legendary Cuban tobacco. Later, the cigars are assembled in Puerto Rico. Each pack of Dutch Masters cigars is packaged into an airtight pouch, preserving the natural aroma and flavor of the product.

    Buy Your Dutch Masters Cigars Box Today

    At Famous Cigars shop, we vie for the quality of the tobacco products we sell. We’re happy to offer you high-quality Dutch Masters cigars in a number of flavors and sizes to match your taste. At our store, you’ll find 10+ Dutch Masters flavors available in different sizes. So, you can choose your type of flavored cigars and cigarillos based on your preferences.

    Dutch Masters cigars are machine-rolled for consistent flavor and enjoyment, with an eye-catching Rembrandt artwork on each cigar box. At Famous Cigars, we further preserve the original flavor and quality of Dutch Masters cigars, offering you safe and free delivery for the tobacco products you buy from us.

    The lovers of Dutch Masters cigars are rewarded with a pleasing smoke and smooth, mild flavors and aromas. Now, these cigars are available in a wide variety of sizes and flavors to match any smoker's mood. Order yours today!

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