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Black And Mild Pack



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Black and Mild is a famous American cigar brand that originated in Pennsylvania. The Black And Mild cigars come filled with the flavorsome Middleton's pipe tobacco, which offers a sweet-smelling smoke and mild taste. These cigars are available in exciting new flavors such as apple and cream which are sure to be a delight to smoke. The wrapper and binder are both homogenized and enhance the taste and flavor profile of the cigar. Be it at a party or at home, these cigars are your perfect companions.

These Black and Mild cigars are perfect for those looking for a long and enriching experience as these smokes provide a slow and uniform burn throughout their length. The cigars are 5 inches in length, with a ring gauge of 30, and are sold in packages of 10 packs containing 5 cigars each. Get your hands on these unique flavored cigars and be sure to stand out among your peers.

Cigar Size

Cigar Quantity

Cigar Wrapper

Cigar Strength

Cigar Origin

5 x 30

10 Packs of 5


Strength Mild



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Black And Mild Pack

Black And Mild Pack

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