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Swisher Sweets Cigarillos Mango



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Swisher Sweet Cigarillos Mango feature a premium tobacco blend that you have come to expect from the classic brand infused with the essence of mangos. The resealable foil pouches make these the perfect smokes to take anywhere you go while preserving the delicious flavor and retaining the natural moisture. Swisher Sweet Cigarillos Mango are as delicious as they are aromatic, great for a refreshing break any time of day. 


Cigar SizeCigar QuantityCigar WrapperCigar StrengthCigar Origin
 4 3/8 x 28 1/2 (Cigarillo) 30 pouches of 2 NaturalStrength MildUSA 


So far, best Swisher

I don't have much experience with cigars or smoking in general, as I've only been doing it for a few months, but lately I've been on a Swisher craze. Every time I'm able to get a ride to the store, which is twice a week at most because I don't have a license, I always go to the local gas station near me and pick up a 2 pack of Swisher Sweet cigars.

Now, I've seen some reviews, and I assume these can't compare to 'actual' cigars. They aren't wrapped in a leaf, nor are that great on their own without their flavoring - personally I think the plain ones are the worst -; however, they aren't meant to be so. They are meant to be a quick smoke you can have without the expense of a 'real' cigar, that you can have some joy out of it.

I must say though that I personally believe that mango is the best flavor of Swisher Sweet out of the ones I've tried - blueberry, grape, chocolate, and regular (unflavored). The mango is strong and sweet, while the tobacco itself is kinda sweet. They pair together greatly, producing a lingering flavor you can thoroughly enjoy.

I'll give it a 4/5 as it suffers from the same problems as the rest of the Swisher Sweet cigars - the wrapper coming apart at the tip towards the middle, the lack of an actual leaf, and it being a 'meh' at-best tobacco within the cigar -. but also being the best that I've tried.

Overall, well done. Very happy with my purchase of this.

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    Swisher Sweets Cigarillos Mango

    Swisher Sweets Cigarillos Mango

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